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    Cisco 7600 Series Routers

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    • The Cisco 7600 Series is the industry's first carrier-class edge router to offer integrated, high-density Ethernet switching, carrier-class IP/MPLS routing, and 10-Gbps interfaces, benefiting enterprises and helping enable service providers to deliver both consumer and business services over a single converged Carrier Ethernet network.

      Important Features:

      • High performance, with up to 720 Gbps in a single chassis, or 40 Gbps capacity per slot
      • A choice of form factors purpose-built for high availability
      • Cisco I-Flex design: A portfolio of shared port adapters (SPAs) and SPA interface processors (SIPs) that controls voice, video, and data experiences
      • Scalable and extensible suite of hardware and software capabilities to enable intelligent Carrier Ethernet services
      • Integrated Video Call Admission Control with innovative visual quality of experience for both broadcast and video on demand (VoD)
      • Intelligent Services Gateway, providing scalable subscriber and application awareness with multidimensional identity capabilities and policy controls
      • Integrated Session Border Control with quality of experience in both Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and non-SIP applications


      • Carrier Ethernet: Aggregation of consumer and business service
      • Ethernet services edge: Personalized IP services
      • Wireless mesh networking and mobility service convergence
      • IP/MPLS provider edge routing
      • Enterprise WAN aggregation
      • Headquarters core routing

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      • Cisco 7603 Router

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