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    Cisco 7200 Series Routers

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    • Protect your investments and meet new and future network needs with the modular Cisco 7200 Series, which supports a wide range of density, performance, and service requirements.

      The industry’s most widely deployed universal services aggregation router for enterprise and service provider edge applications, the Cisco 7200 Series offers:

      • Exceptional price/performance: The new NPE-G2 Network Processing Engine aggregates services at up to 2 Mpps
      • A wide range of connectivity options and numerous features including serviceability and manageability
      • Increased VPN performance with the new VPN Services Adapter
      • Increased scalability and flexibility with the new Port Adapter Jacket Card


      • WAN edge: Award-winning quality of service (QoS) feature performance
      • Broadband aggregation: Up to 16,000 PPP sessions per chassis
      • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS): Leading choice for provider-edge deployment
      • IP Security (IPsec) VPN: Scalable to 5000 tunnels per chassis
      • High-end customer premises equipment (CPE)
      • IP-to-IP gateway support: Provides a network-to-network interface point for signaling interworking (H.323, SIP), media interworking, address and port translations (privacy and topology hiding), billing and CDR normalization, and bandwidth management (QoS marking using TOS)
      • Voice, video, and data integration: TDM-enabled VXR chassis and voice port adapters
      • Modular design: 3RU footprint with broad range of flexible, modular interfaces (from DS0 to OC-3)
      • Flexibility: Support for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Packet over SONET and more

      • Cisco 7206VXR Router
      • Cisco 7204VXR Router
      • Cisco 7201 Router
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